The sum of money received in a non-conventional way for small minority business.



The grant writing expert and base for securing minority business grant funding.

Grant Bae is a professional grant writing service with the mission to change the trajectory for small minority business owners receiving grant funding. 


With a top-tier team of grant writers. Grant Bae services minority Businesses by offering a full calendar year of grant services. All you do is Schedule a 15-minute consult and have all business documents on hand and we will take care of the rest!



simple as that!

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what's the agenda?

Debt restructuring

Looking to consolidates your borrowings and reduces costs can make your finances more manageable for your business?

Working Capital

Looking to fulfill your growth ambitions and add on assets such as new machinery or even a brand designer?  but don't know how?

Growth Funding

Looking to take your business to the next level that increases sales, expand your range of products or services, move into new premises, hire more staff.

Starting a Business

Looking to start a business and are seeking funding to get off the ground? 

problem solved!

The solution is a calendar year of professional grant writing services for small minority businesses struggling to generate funding for their business. 

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I’m Shonna Lee Williams. I am CEO/Founder of Grant Bae and well I am GRANT BAE. After 10 + years as an entrepreneur and even with collateral the banks always said NO to funding for the expansion of my businesses. So I hit the ground running and begin my research for applying for grants.


The process alone was complex but something I enjoyed doing. Then one day I had an aha moment!! I wondered how many small Minority businesses don’t think to seek grants to fund their business, how many are struggling with the process of acquiring grants, or begin the process to only quit?  Writing isn’t always fun, especially when you don’t enjoy it. This issue alone made my wheels turn. I went to research and found that there are millions of dollars for minority business owners that aren’t being touched and are available.


This is How Grant Bae came along. I knew I had the talent and skillset to get a lump sum of money in a non-conventional way that wasnt complex for all minority businesses that needed it. I would be the go-to base and leverage for minority businesses to generate funding. Because I never want to be the only person to benefit from this opportunity and a firm believer in providing and generating several seats at the table. I created a process that well...all minorities can generate from. So, come on and have a seat and let’s EAT!



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