Can you apply for grants for any business or is it industry-specific?

Any Minority-owned Business qualifies for a minimum of 25K in Funding. However, some industry amount is in the 6 figure range. 

Does GRANT BAE have affiliate links?

We offer an affiliate program to our clients. Inform your business friends about the opportunity and how the program works and receive $100 dollar for every friend that signs up and becomes a Grant Bae.

What are some factors that prevent someone from receiving funding?

  • If you are not in compliance with your Secretary of State 

  • If you don’t have a Business Banking Account 

  • If you do not have a EIN with the IRS

  • If you don’t have a Mission Statement

Is there a minimum in gross sales required to apply for the grants? 

No there are 1000’s grants that are not based on gross sales. Having a high gross in sales can only increase your opportunity for more funding.

How long does it take to receive the first grant?

It will vary. Some take days and some take months. With Grant Bae, you will receive an update within 40-60 days to know the status of funding opportunities.

Does any of the grant money have to be paid back?

Of course not!! It would be considered a loan if so. 

Do you have to be provided a copy of your expenses to the grantor?

Each grantor is different. However, It is not difficult to use the money within the guidelines.